Welcome to the 10th IYNT 2022 in Tskneti

Update 2022/06/03

The 10th International Young Naturalists' Tournament will take place on the campus of Buckswood International School Tbilisi on August 21—28, 2022. BIST is an independent school located in the town of Tskneti, very close to the center of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

The LOC 2022 brings together a team of experienced organizers who have hosted the 6th IYNT 2018 and the 34th IYPT 2021. The LOC and the GC look forward to seeing all participants in Georgia. Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) conveniently serves arrivals to the 10th IYNT 2022 from abroad. August 21 is full arrival day and August 28 is departure day. Participants and jurors are accommodated in excellent dormitories and guest rooms of the school. Details about registration fees and deadlines are to be finalized and announced shortly.

Documents and protocols

  • Blank Science Fight Protocol, A4 size (2022/08/12) [pdf]
  • Blank individual Juror's Protocol, A4 size (2022/08/12) [pdf]
  • Blank Attendant's protocol for the draw of lots and Team Introduction, A4 size (2022/08/12, two pages) [pdf]
  • Test for Jury Chairpersons, A4 size (2022/08/12) [pdf]
  • Clock for the SFs with main and Invent Yourself problems (2022/08/12) [svg]
  • Clock for the SFs with additional problems (2022/08/12) [svg]
  • Regulations of the IYNT (2021/03/10) [pdf]

Quick campus tour for IYNT 2022


  • Main problems (nos. 1—17, released on 2021/08/15) [pdf]

Opened-roof bus tour at IYNT 2022


Robiko Tsintsadze
+995 551 103 364 (GET, UTC+4h00)
Local Organizing Committee
Aleksandra Falchevskaya
Situation Center