4th IYNT 2016 in Shiraz


The 4th International Young Naturalists' Tournament took place on July 16—22, 2016 on the campus of Shiraz University, Iran. The competition attracted 16 Teams of 5 countries. The Gold Winner of the 4th IYNT 2016 was the team Georgia-Georgians.

4th IYNT 2016 as seen by Omid Tabatabai

Local webpage

The local webpage of the 4th IYNT 2016 was iynt.ayimi.org.

Hall of fame: Gold winner Georgia-Georgians


  • Main problems (nos. 1—17, released on 2015/06/24) [pdf]
  • Invent Yourself problems (nos. 1—3, released on 2016/07/19) [pdf]
  • Additional problems (nos. 21—26, released on 2016/07/19) [pdf]
  • Problems for the Captain's Contests (released on 2016/07/19, 2016/07/20 and 2016/07/21) [pdf]

No. 1 "Invent Yourself: Air Traffic"
No. 2 "Inv. Y.: Weather Forecast"
No. 3 "I. Y.: Human Reaction Time"
No. 4 "Van der Graaf’s Cat"
No. 5 "Tempest in a Glass of Water"
No. 6 "Dice"
No. 7 "Plants in Motion"
No. 8 "Zipf’s Law"
No. 9 "Cinder"
No. 10 "pH Indicator"
No. 11 "Corrosiveness of Cola"
No. 12 "Ants and Food"
No. 13 "Firelighting"
No. 14 "Effervescent Tablet"
No. 15 "Mountain Peaks"
No. 16 "Two Shovels"
No. 17 "Swadesh List"
No. 21 "Oxygen"
No. 22 "Glycerol and Water"
No. 23 "Colors of the Rainbow"
No. 24 "Density"
No. 25 "Tuning Fork"
No. 26 "Soap boat"


  • Regulations of the IYNT (2015/09/05) [pdf]

Coverage on Irib News

Georgia-Georgians on Imedi TV


Update 2016/07/13: Official booklet for the 4th IYNT 2016 is posted and went to press. The booklet can be downloaded as a *.pdf file.

Update 2016/07/12: The results of the 4th IYNT 2016 are updated at real time at this page.

Update 2016/03/27: As opposed to past announcements, the dates of the 4th IYNT 2016 are July 16—22, 2016. The LOC 2016 and the GC appreciate greatly your understanding of this unforeseen rescheduling.

Update 2016/02/03: The local webpage is maintained at iynt.ayimi.org.

Update 2015/11/30: Welcome to the local webpage of the 4th IYNT 2016, iynt.ir. The LOC sets the registration deadline to March 30, 2016 as well as the registration fees for Teams and visitors.

Update 2015/11/24: The 4th IYNT 2016 will be held in Shiraz, the City of Roses and Nightingales, on July 10—16, 2016. The competition will be hosted in the premises of Shiraz University, one of the most prominent research-oriented institutions in the country and the region. The dates of the competition are selected such that the IYNT does not overlap with the 29th IYPT 2016 on June 26—July 4 and the IOC meeting of the IYPT on July 4—6. After considering other possible venues of Nowshahr, Tabriz, and previously mentioned capital city of Tehran, the LOC now lands the 4th IYNT 2016 in Shiraz to improve the quality of competition in many aspects. Shiraz is conveniently served by Shiraz International Airport (SYZ). The LOC and GC cordially invite the Teams to pre-register for the 4th IYNT 2016.

Update 2015/09/05: Amended Regulations of the IYNT are approved and adopted. A scan of signed Regulations and the original official PDF are available for download.

Update 2015/06/24: Just minutes after the Semi-Finals of the 3rd IYNT 2015 were over, we released the problems for the 4th IYNT 2016. Our plan to release them on June 25 was revised as FTP access is blocked in the premises of the Closing Ceremony in Belgrade.

Update 2014/09/07: As opposed to the earlier notice of Tehran as the host city for 2015, the IYNT General Council resolved to switch the host for the year 2015. Reduction in travel expenses will significantly widen participation in 2015 and foster the IYNT engagement over the long term.

Invitation, updated 2014/09/07:

The 4th International Young Naturalists' Tournament will be held in Iran in 2016. The local organizer of the IYNT 2016 is Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute, AYIMI. We happily invite all teams to the hospitable Persia, a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage.

In the message confirming the hosting credentials, the IYNT Founder Evgeny Yunosov said, "It is the mutual desire of the GC and of the AYIMI that the IYNT 2016 contributes to the further development of the IYNT movement and enhances its long term interests. We wish that the IYNT 2016 is organized in the best possible manner and takes place under the best possible conditions for the benefit of the participants and educators of the World".

4th IYNT 2016 promotional video

Local Organizing Committee 2016

Dina Izadi
Chairwoman of the LOC 2016
Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute
+98 2177 507 013 (IRST, UTC+3h30)
+98 2177 522 395 (IRST, UTC+3h30)
+98 2188 749 142 (IRST, UTC+3h30)

Announcement of Finalists

Ranking procedures

RF Lot Team name R4 VsF RsF VF SPF M
1 1 Georgia-Georgians 2 1 1 1 46.7
2 3 Belarus-Pahonia 3 1 3 ½ 42.4
3 5 Croatia 1 1 2 ½ 41.1
4 4 Iran-Gifted 8 1 4
5 9 Iran-Mehr 6 ½ 5
6 6 Russia-Voronezh 5 0 6
7 12 Iran-Maple 7 ½ 7
8 10 Iran-Khashayar 10 ½ 9
9 2 Iran-Besat 1 9 0 10
10 13 Iran-Black Intelligence 4
11 7 Iran-Besat 2 11
12 11 Iran-Free Thought 12
13 15 Iran-Amordad 13
14 8 Iran-Paramount Notion 14
15 14 Iran-Farhang 15
16 16 Iran-Velayat 16

Sixteen Teams joined the competition, including four Teams that did not fulfill age limitation (Ch. 1, IV, 1) and were not eligible for regular Semi-Finals and regular medals. Only nine Teams timely submitted original statements of Invent Yourself and were thus allowed to SF 3, with the brackets for SF 3 determined by applying a Semi-Finals scheme (Ch. 4, II, 1) to the Ranks after SF 2. The brackets for SF 4 depended on Rank R after SF 3, according to a pre-determined rule (Ch. 4, I, 3). The sequence of performances in SF 4, Semi-Finals, and Finals was decided by the Captain winning the Captain's Contest in each Group (Ch. 2, I, 4.) Rejected challenges were counted together for all SFs, including Semi-Finals (a total of 3 rejections not incurring a penalty.) Main problems (Nos. 4—17) were available for challenge in SF 1 and SF 2, Invent youself (Nos. 1—3) were available for challenge in SF 3, and additional problems (Nos. 21—26) were available for challenge in SF 4. As the number of Teams N was above 12, nine regular Teams with the highest Rank R after SF 4 were allowed to the Semi-Finals in three parallel Groups and had secured their Bronze Medals (Ch. 4, II, 1; Ch. 5, I, 4.) There was no challenge procedure in the Semi-Finals (Ch. 4, II, 4.) Three Finalists were three winners (by V) in each Semi-Final group, and in one Group where two Teams emerged with V=1, the Finalist was determined via comparison of Ranks R after Semi-Finals in the said Group only (Ch. 4, II, 1). Main and Invent Yourself problems were available for choice in the Semi-Finals (Ch. 4, II, 4) and Finals (Ch. 4, III, 2.) Priority in the choice of problems for Semi-Finals and Finals was by the Rank R after SF 4 and Semi-Finals respectively, and it was forbidden to pick up a previously reported problem. Finalists had secured their Silver Medals, and only one Team eventually earned V=1 and won Gold Medals (Ch. 5, I, 2.) This Table summarizes only the decisive grading parameters, and the detailed results of the competition can be found here.

Announcement of Final results

Documents and protocols

  • Jurors for all Science Fights (2016/07/21) [pdf]
  • Jurors for SF 1, handwritten corrections (2016/07/17) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 2, handwritten corrections (2016/07/18) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 3, handwritten corrections (2016/07/19) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 4, handwritten corrections (2016/07/19) [jpg]
  • Jurors for Semi-Finals, handwritten corrections (2016/07/20) [jpg]
  • Jurors for Finals (2016/07/21), handwritten corrections [jpg]
  • Briefing for Jurors and Teams, slides by Ilya Martchenko (2016/07/17) [pdf]
  • Registration history (2016/09/06) [pdf]
  • Information booklet (2016/07/13) [pdf]
  • Clock for the SFs with main and Invent Yourself problems (2016/03/29) [svg]
  • Clock for the SFs with additional problems (2016/03/29) [svg]
  • Blank individual Juror's Protocol, A4 size (2016/03/29) [pdf]
  • Blank Science Fight Protocol, A4 or A3 size (2015/12/06) [pdf]
  • Blank Attendant's protocol for the draw of lots and Team Introduction, A4 size (2015/12/06, two pages) [pdf]
  • Regulations of the IYNT (2015/09/05) [pdf]

Evgeny Yunosov discussing IYNT, IYPT


Belarus-Pahonia: Artsiom Varabei (captain), Sofia Anisimova, Sofiya Guzik, Arina Kostyushevskaya, Aliaksei Kuzmenka, Ivan Syulzhyn (leader), Stanislav Krasulin (leader.)

Croatia: Matija Martinčić (captain), Luka Bulić Bračulj, Luka Korov, Elena Lukačević, Ana Gudelj, Danko Marušić (leader), Leon Jakov Kichl (leader.)

Georgia-Georgians: Zurab Jashi (captain), Tekle Dolidze, Lasha Targamadze, Mariami Lomtadze, Gvantsa Margvelashvili, Lazare Osmanovi, Nika Sabashvili (leader), Giorgi Khomeriki (leader.)

Iran-Amordad (18): Shokoofeh Mirian (captain), Roozbeh Salmani, Hossein Mehran, Rozhin Salmani (leader.)

Iran-Besat 1: Amirreza Asadi (captain), Amirmahdi Jafari Birjandi, Seyed Reza Poormousavi Torghabeh, Ali Ghafoorian, Mohammad Reza Jalali Shahri, Amir Hossein Arvandi, Mehrdad Rahnama Moghadam (leader.)

Iran-Besat 2 (18): Mohammadreza Ezazi (captain), Aryan Yousefli, Hamidreza Faghani, Mohammad Mahdi Jahangir, Alireza Hamidian, Arash Khajeh (leader.)

Iran-Black Intelligence (18): Fatemeh Salehi Shahrabi (captain), Armin Jafari, Pouyan Ramezanpour, Reza Salehi, Mahdi MohamadaliKhaki, Roya Momenzadeh, Navid Abazari (leader.)

Iran-Farhang: Siamak Siavash Moghaddam (captain), Sajjad Ghazi Nouri Naeini, Soheil Shahri, Arian Yousefi, Mani Soufi, Soroush Ghelmani Takantapeh, Mohammad Tangestani (leader.)

Iran-Free Thought: Roudabeh Piriyayi (captain), Seyedeh Shakiba Eslami, Parinaz Takapoo, Melika Naderkhamse, Seyedeh Halimeh Taham (leader.)

Iran-Gifted: Seyed Amirhossein Tabatabaei (captain), Reza Bemana, Parsa Jorat, AhmadReza Esfandiary, Meysam Noroozi, Nikan Ostovar, no Team Leader.

Iran-Khashayar: Abolfazl Khosravi (captain), Narmin Fathi, Mohammad Bagher Tolu Jouyandeh, Hossein Niroomand (leader.)

Iran-Maple: Mahdiyeh Shahrabi Farahani (captain), Pariya Nazari Nezhad Giashi, Zeinab Ammari Allahyari, Tahere Zare Bannadkoky, Maedeh Soleimani, Zahra Salmani Jelodar, Hajar Nasehi (leader.)

Iran-Mehr: Dorsa Khalesi (captain), Sara Bahadori, Maryam Sajadiyan, Sahar Rahmaniyan, Laaya Fani, Sara Ashraf, Zahra Yazdgerdi (leader.)

Iran-Paramount Notion: Seyedeh Sareh Atyabi (captain), Kiana Hajizadeh, Mobina Sabokrooh, Parin Saemiyan, Mozhdeh Soleimani Meigooni (leader.)

Iran-Velayat (18): Arshia Mazaheri Kalahroodi (captain), Roza Arjang, Sarasadat Tavakoli, Mina Fyruzbakht, Ommolbanin Barghamadi, Niloufar Akhoondi, Farzane Nazari (leader.)

Russia-Voronezh: Kseniia Kraeva (captain), Andrei Koliadin, Vadim Matytcin, Artem Fursov, Maksim Militskii, Nadezhda Seliverstova (leader), Tatiana Fursova (leader.)

Independent jury: Samuel Byland (chair), Nikita Datsuk (chair), Alena Kastenka (chair), Andrei Klishin (chair), Ilya Martchenko (chair), Mladen Matev (chair), Dmitry Zhukalin (chair), Marzieh Dadkhah Aseman, Masoud Torabi Azad, Azizolah Azizi, Maryam Bahrami, Dmitii Dorofeev, Hassan Eslahi, Sedigheh Forootan, Marzieh Afkhami Geraei, Somayeh Mahmoodi Koosh Ghazi, Somayeh Hajkhalili Gooki, Laura Guerrini, Dina Izadi, Afshan Mohajeri, Afshin Montakhab, Ahmad Poostforush, Roya Pournejati, Roya Radgohar, Banafsheh Rastegari, Jalil Sedaghat, Ahmad Sheikhi, Mohadeseh Sadat Tahami, Jafar Vatanparast, Evgeny Yunosov, Milad Zangiabadi.

Team leaders in the jury: Danko Marušić (chair), Ivan Syulzhyn (chair), Tatiana Fursova, Giorgi Khomeriki, Stanislav Krasulin, Mehrdad Rahnama Moghadam, Nika Sabashvili, Nadezhda Seliverstova, Zahra Yazdgerdi.

Science Fight Attendants: Ehsan Asali, Nona Izadipanah, Shayan Majidi, Mohadeseh Nikseresht, Sowlat Sabahi, Fatemeh Tekrari, Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi.

IYNT execution task force: Evgeny Yunosov (organizer), Ilya Martchenko (competition execution), Andrei Klishin (administration), Hieorhi Liaśnieŭski (scoring commission), Dmitry Zhukalin (SF 4 working group), Nikita Datsuk (assistant to the GC.)

Interview with Georgia-Georgians on garb.ge

Media and coverage

  • TURNIR MLADIH PRIRODOSLOVACA U IRANU Luka Korov i hrvatska reprezentacija osvojili srebro! (pozeskidnevnik.hr, 26 Srpanj 2016) [html]
  • Closing Ceremony of the 4th IYNT at Shiraz University (shirazu.ac.ir) [html]
  • SYNT: Das 4. IYNT ist vorbei (July 24 at 10:38pm) [html]
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  • komarovi199: photos (July 24, 2016, 5:33pm) [html]
  • آغاز رقابت علمی دانش آموزان 5 کشور در شیراز (iribnews.ir) [mp4] [html]
  • برترین‌های چهارمین دوره مسابقه علوم نوجوانان معرفی شدند (isna.ir, ۴ مرداد ۱۳۹۵ / ۱۳:۰۳) [html]
  • مسابقه بین المللی طبیعی دانان نوجوان در شیراز آغاز شد (irna.ir, تاریخ خبر: 27/04/1395) [html]
  • آغاز چهارمين دوره مسابقه بين‌المللي طبيعي‌دانان جوان در شيراز (ghatreh.com) [html]
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  • ოქროს მედლები ირანიდან - საქართველოს მოსწავლეთა გუნდის წარმატება ახალგაზრდა ნატურალისტთა ტურნირზე (imedi.ge, 14:56 24-07-2016) [html] [mp4]
  • Video by Georgia-Georgians [html]
  • IYNT-Turnir mladih prirodoslovaca (prva.hr, 03 Studeni 2015) [html]
  • Международная турнирная школа собрала ребят из разных уголков планеты (voronej.monavista.ru, 9.10.2015) [html]
  • Подведены итоги Международной Турнирной Школы (infovoronezh.ru, 9 октября 2015) [html]
  • Videos from IYNT School in Voronezh by TV Gubernia (06.10.2015) [html]
  • Губернские новости. День 06.10.2015 (tv-gubernia.ru, 06.10.2015) [html] [html]
  • Под Воронежем открылась первая международная турнирная школа (tv-gubernia.ru, 05.10.2015) [html] [html]
  • Video for the IYNT 2016 (jahantube.com) [html] [html]
  • IYNT 2016 in Iran (ayimi.org, 19 June 2015) [html]
  • Logo for the IYNT 2016 in Iran (ayimi.org) [jpg] [jpg]

Glimpse: Abolfazl Khosravi, Semi-Finals, Group C

Proceedings of the Science Fights

This section brings together the overview of each Science Fight, as well as Individual Juror's Protocols and Science Fight Attendant's Protocols. The detailed results and overview of accepted and rejected problems, penalties, and rankings after each SF is available here.

Introduction of Teams (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Intro Attendant: Hieorhi Liaśnieŭski

SF 1, Group A (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Sowlat Sabahi

SF 1, Group B (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Nona Izadipanah

SF 1, Group C (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi

SF 1, Group D (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Fatemeh Tekrari

SF 1, Group E (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Mohadeseh Nikseresht

SF 1, Group F (2016/07/17) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Shayan Majidi

SF 2, Group A (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Ehsan Asali

SF 2, Group B (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Nona Izadipanah

SF 2, Group C (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi

SF 2, Group D (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Fatemeh Tekrari

SF 2, Group E (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Mohadeseh Nikseresht

SF 2, Group F (2016/07/18) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Sowlat Sabahi

SF 3, Group A (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendants: Sowlat Sabahi, Mohadeseh Nikseresht

SF 3, Group B (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Fatemeh Tekrari

SF 3, Group C (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi

SF 4, Group A (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Sowlat Sabahi

SF 4, Group B (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Fatemeh Tekrari

SF 4, Group C (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi

SF 4, Group D (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Mohadeseh Nikseresht

SF 4, Group E (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Nona Izadipanah

SF 4, Group F (2016/07/19) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Shayan Majidi

Semi-Final SF, Group A (2016/07/20) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Sowlat Sabahi

Semi-Final SF, Group B (2016/07/20) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Mohadeseh Nikseresht

Semi-Final SF, Group C (2016/07/20) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi

Final SF (2016/07/21) [pdf]
Science Fight Attendant: Hassan Bagheri Valoujerdi