Welcome to the 7th IYNT 2019 in Minsk

Update 2019/03/14: The competition takes place at Licej BDU, lyceum of Belarusian State University (vulica Uĺjanaŭskaja 8). Primary accommodation is Hotel Sorak Liet Pabiedy (vulica Azhura 3). Secondary accommodation is Willing Hotel (vulica Lienina 50). Each hotel is within a 12...15 min walking distance from Licej BDU, in the immediate vicinity of Pieršamajskaja metro station, to the south of the historical center of Minsk.

Registration deadline: June 4, 2019
Payment deadline: June 4, 2019
Standard team fee: 1'500.- EUR per Team (6 students and 2 team leaders)
Observer's fee: 650.- EUR per person if staying at Sorak Liet Pabiedy
Observer's fee: 900.- EUR per person if staying at Willing
Dates of the IYNT: August 18-24, 2019

The fees are collected via the bank account of the Foundation for Youth Tournaments.

For questions concerning registration please contact Aleksandra Falchevskaya, Coordinator for Teams.


Aleksandra Falchevskaya
+375 29 181 93 39
Coordinator for Teams, Executive Committee of the 7th IYNT 2019

Update 2018/12/18: The dates of the 7th IYNT 2019 are August 18 (full day arrival) through August 24 (full day departure).

It is our pleasure and privilege to invite all international Teams and Jurors to join the Tournament in Minsk, Belarus. The Executive Committee of the 7th IYNT 2019, Belarusian Organizing Committee, as well as the IYNT General Council look forward to welcoming you at the 7th IYNT 2019.

Update 2018/08/07: Effective July 27, 2018, a visa waiver for 30 days applies to citizens of 74 states if arriving to Minsk National Airport, except for inbound flights from Russia. Further details and special requirements are explained in a document from Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among 17 countries that have previously competed in the IYNT, this visa waiver applies to Bulgaria, Croatia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Citizens of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine can also enter Belarus visa-free at other border crossings, except for the majority of land border crossings between Belarus and Russia which are not open for nationals of third countries. Visa-free travel to Belarus for Chinese citizens is expected to take effect in Autumn 2018. It is understood that all connecting flights via Russian airports would require permission to enter Russia (i.e. a Russian visa or a passport allowing visa-free entry) and a similar permission to enter Belarus, so that Belarusian visa waiver is not applicable.

Update 2018/07/11: The 7th IYNT 2019 will take place in Minsk, Belarus in the Summer of 2019. The LOC in Belarus looks forward to seeing all participants. The exact dates of the 7th IYNT 2019 will be announced in due course. Minsk is conveniently served by Minsk National Airport. Any country can send as many teams as desired to compete at the 7th IYNT 2019. For questions concerning pre-registration please contact Ivan Klimenko, contact coordinator of the IYNT Situation Center, at ivan.klimenko@iynt.org.

Problems for the 7th IYNT 2019

The problems for the 7th IYNT 2019 are released on 2018/07/11 and presented at the Closing Ceremony of the 6th IYNT 2018 [pdf]