Welcome to the official central webpage of the global IYNT movement and the IYNT General Council.

The International Young Naturalists' Tournament, IYNT, bridges gaps between natural sciences and inspires young students. The IYNT aims at promoting creative potential of teenagers aged 12 through 16 who are eager to explore the World, experiment, work in teams, and gain new skills in an international setting.

The problems of the IYNT come from various areas of natural sciences and attract the students to interdisciplinary, independent research from across the sciences without prioritizing any narrow area.

The format of the IYNT has been successfully tested over many years and is based on Evgeny Yunosov's award-winning, paradigm-shifting concept of the IYPT conceived in 1979.

The growing success of the IYNT is a success that is richly deserved. The torch of the global finals is passed from country to country, from Turkey 2013, to Bulgaria 2014, to Serbia 2015, to Iran 2016, to China 2017, to Georgia 2018, to Belarus 2019, to Russia 2020, to Kazakhstan 2021, and back to Georgia 2022.

The culture of cooperation and networking is at the core of our mission. We bring together curious young minds from different cultures and provide a setting for interest-driven learning. We invite you to join the IYNT movement.

"Is it a good idea to participate in the IYNT?"

During the 1st IYNT 2013, Evgeny Yunosov filmed the answers to a simple question, "Is it a good idea to participate in the IYNT?"