General Council

Since its inception, the General Council is the governing body of the IYNT movement. The Council determines the vector of development for the IYNT and ensures stability and growth of the IYNT year over year.

The Council selects local organizers for next years and entrusts them with the duty of hosting the IYNT events. It presides over the manner in which the IYNT is held, adopts the Regulations, seeks proposals for the problems of future IYNTs, and releases the problems for each consecutive year. The General Council establishes other principal Bodies, Centers and Committees of the IYNT, assigns their responsibilities, and appoints Chairpersons.

From day one, the Council seeks to go beyond the short term and projects the personal reputation of its Members to the international organization of the IYNT. Over the years, the Founder and the Council Members have distinguished themselves with an ability to envision, plan and conduct high impact events, the IYPT in particular.

The explicit aim of the Council is to help the IYNT establish global recognition as the World's leading science competition for pre-university students. To make relevant contributions to the society and to the science outreach, the Council exchanges experiences and builds a strong network of selective national events and partner committees. The Council works to ensure that the IYNT participation is widening and that the competition is accessible in spite of any barriers.

The Council sets high benchmarks and ensures that the IYNT is characterized by high international quality. In many aspects, only the most outstanding science education events or science competitions meet the standards of the IYNT. Our signature selection of multidisciplinary problems attracts entrants to months of interest-driven research and experimentation. Our scoring standards, grading criteria, and qualification of jurors put the IYNT at the forefront of existing science competitions.

The Council builds on these advances and uses its expertise to foster the reputation of the IYNT, to advocate for science in the society, and to increase the number of students pursuing STEM training. With its ever growing recognition, the IYNT will become a preferred partner for industrial sponsors and academic institutions. The IYNT and its national selective events will become a first-choice destination for the students aged 16 and below who are interested in science.

Dr. h.c. Evgeny Yunosov
Chairman of the General Council
Foundation for Youth Tournaments, President
IYPT, Founder & Honorary Vice-President
IYNT, Founder & IOC Chairman
Dr. Ilya Martchenko
Speaker of the General Council
Foundation for Youth Tournaments, Scientific Director
IYPT, Treasurer & Executive Committee member
Dr. Dina Izadi
Member of the General Council
Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute, President
IUPAP Working Group 5, member
IYPT, IOC Member
Dr. Andrey Kravtsov
Member of the General Council
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Fundamentals of Physics Chair head
Dipl.-Phys. Leonid Markovich
Member of the General Council
Belarusian State University, senior lecturer
Belarusian Young Physicists' Tournament, chairman