For questions about features and procedure of the IYNT, pre-registration, or regulations, please contact our Situation Center. Ivan Klimenko, registration coordinator of the IYNT Situation Center, will be glad to answer your questions at If you are a student or teacher and interested to compete, the Center will happily guide you though the procedure and connect you to the contact persons in your country, if such persons exist.

For questions about hosting, accommodation, visa support, travel, and other matters related to a particular IYNT event, please contact the respective Local Organizing Committee. Giorgi Khomeriki, key representative of the LOC 2018, will be glad to answer your questions at or +995 571 19 08 98 (GET, UTC+4h00).

The IYNT General Council will gladly offer you in-depth information about any aspect of the IYNT. Cooperation proposals, general suggestions, requests for knowledge transfer, and media inquiries will be appreciated and answered promptly if sent to or to any other General Council member.

Pre-registration of teams

Please fill the form below to inform us about your provisional intention to take part at the 6th IYNT 2018. Pre-registration requires no further information about the team and no commitment whatsoever. We recommend that you pre-register today, as you will benefit from receiving important reminders or alerts, e.g. about approaching deadlines. We need only one pre-registration per team—if your team has already submitted a pre-registration, please do not submit repeated entries.