Situation Center

The Situation Center is an international coordinating facility of the IYNT, and one of the principal bodies of the International Young Naturalists' Tournament.

Its mission is to provide situational awareness to the General Council, Local Organizing Committees, as well as to all applicants and competing teams. It contributes to smooth, effective and continuous operations of the IYNT throughout the year by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating important information.

The Center oversees pre-registration, notifications, and electronic data exchange. It acts as a first point of contact for new applicants, as well as a focal point in monitoring developments and decision making within the IYNT. The Center monitors the workflow and lists of tasks of other IYNT bodies, and maintains regular contact with appropriate persons about the deadlines and major developments. Since July 18, 2014, 21h42 CET (UTC+1h00), the General Council handed the Situation Center with all residual duties of the IYNT's previously operating Central Organizing Committee.

The Center is composed of a Chairperson who is assisted by a staff of international coordinators worldwide. The Chairperson is nominated and appointed by the General Council. He or she then appoints all coordinators and assistants within the Center on a temporary or permanent basis, and assigns their tasks.


Dr. Dmitriy Agarkov
Chairman of the IYNT Situation Center
Inst. of Solid State Physics, Russian Acad. Sci.
Mr. Ivan Klimenko
Registration coordinator
Moscow State University
Mr. Sergey Ilyukhin
Coordinator and server administrator
Moscow School 1101
Mr. Anton Khvalyuk
Operations Assistant
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Past Chairs

Dmitriy Agarkov
In office:
and 2017/10/30—now
Andrei Klishin
In office:

Andrei Klishin on the IYNT and his work

This video shows fragments of a keynote talk delivered at Phoenixville Area School District on March 14, 2015. Andrei Klishin briefly explains the background and features of the IYNT and the IYPT. He then speaks on the tasks tackled by the Center.