3rd IYNT 2015 in Belgrade


The 3rd International Young Naturalists' Tournament took place in Belgrade, Serbia on June 19—25, 2015 in the premises of Osnovna škola Drinka Pavlović and Dom učenika srednjih škola Jelica Milovanović. The competition attracted 10 teams of 7 countries, including newcomers China and Croatia. With 45.27, 45.09, and 44.18 points in the Finals, respectively, teams of China, Georgia, and Croatia emerged with three Gold Medals.

Local webpage

The local webpage of the IYNT 2015 was iyntbgd2015.com. It is preserved at the Internet Archive: mirror of March 24, 2015, mirror of August 13, 2015, mirror of September 30, 2015.


  • Main problems (nos. 1—17, released on 2014/08/26) [pdf]
  • Invent Yourself problems (nos. 1—3, released on 2015/06/17) [pdf]
  • Additional problems (nos. 21—26, released on 2015/06/22) [pdf] [bmp] [bmp] [bmp] [bmp]
  • Problems for the Captain's Contests (released on 2015/06/22 and 2015/06/24) [pdf]

No. 1 "Invent yourself: Physics"2 3 01010
No. 2 "Invent yourself: Biology"1 4 01010
No. 3 "Invent yourself: Chemistry"4 3 01010
No. 4 "Sunset"03 02926
No. 5 "Falling ball"3 1 1 2926
No. 6 "Disappearing ink"04 02926
No. 7 "Pancakes"02 02926
No. 8 "Library"1 2 02926
No. 9 "Distances in open space"1 3 02926
No. 10 "Ice hole"2 1 02926
No. 11 "Puzzle in a beaker"1 2 1 2926
No. 12 "Structure of a hair"1 2 02926
No. 13 "Shining orbs"2 2 1 2926
No. 14 "Galton box"02 02926
No. 15 "Fly"2 1 02926
No. 16 "Smoke ring cannon"3 002926
No. 17 "Starch monsters"3 1 02926
No. 21 "Horizontal level"01 01010
No. 22 "Pouring water out"04 01010
No. 23 "Granulated Sugar"2 1 01010
No. 24 "Chemistry"02 01010
No. 25 "Non-linear Vial"1 001010
No. 26 "Bitmap"1 2 01010

Documents and protocols

  • Jurors for SF 1 (2015/06/20) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 2 (2015/06/21) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 3 (2015/06/21) [jpg]
  • Jurors for SF 4 (2015/06/22) [jpg]
  • Jurors for Semi-Finals (2015/06/24) [jpg]
  • Jurors for Finals (2015/06/24) [jpg]
  • Distribution of teams (2015/06/19) [jpg]
  • Registration history (2015/07/11) [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
  • Information booklet (2015/06/15) [pdf]
  • Provisional Schedule (2015/06/13) [pdf]
  • Briefing for Jurors and Teams, slides by Ilya Martchenko (2015/06/20) [pdf]
  • Blank individual Juror's protocol, A4 size (2015/05/31) [pdf]
  • Blank Science Fight Attendant's protocol, A4 or A3 size (2015/05/31) [pdf]
  • Blank Attendant's protocol for the draw of lots and Team Introduction, A4 size (2015/05/31) [pdf]
  • Regulations of the IYNT (2015/02/25) [pdf]

Hall of fame: absolute winner China

Hall of fame: Gold co-winner Georgia-Georgians

Hall of fame: Gold co-winner Croatia


  • Regulations of the IYNT (2015/02/25) [pdf]

Ranking procedures

RF Lot Team name R4 grsF VsF RsF VF SPF M
1 3 China 5 A 1 4 1 45.27
2 9 Georgia-Georgians 3 B 1 2 1 45.09
3 5 Croatia 1 A 1 1 1 44.18
4 8 Serbia-1 2 B ½ 3
5 10 Belarus-Spectrum 4 A ½ 5
6 7 Serbia-2 6 B ½ 6
7 6 Bulgaria 7
8 2 Russia-Voronezh-1 8
9 4 Russia-Voronezh-2 9
10 1 Russia-MG 12 10

The brackets for SF 4 depended on Rank R after SF 3, according to a pre-determined rule announced during the lot. The sequence of performances in SF 4, Semi-Finals, and Finals was decided by the Captain winning the Captain's Contest in each Group (Ch. 2, I, 4.) Rejected challenges were counted together for all SFs, including Semi-Finals (a total of 3 rejections not incurring a penalty.) Main problems (Nos. 4—17) were available for challenge in SF 1 and SF 2, Invent Yourself (Nos. 1—3) were available for challenge in SF 3, and additional problems (Nos. 21—26) were available for challenge in SF 4. As the number of Teams N was 8≤N≤11, six Teams with the highest Rank R after SF 4 were allowed to the Semi-Finals in two parallel Groups and had secured their Bronze Medals (Ch. 4, II, 3; Ch. 5, I, 4.) There was a challenge procedure in the Semi-Finals (Ch. 1, VIII, 4.) Three Finalists were three winners (by V; in case of any potential ambiguity by SP) of both Semi-Final Groups taken together. Only main problems (Nos. 4—17) were available for the challenge in the Semi-Finals and the choice for the Finals. Priority in the choice of problems for Finals was by the Rank R after Semi-Finals (Ch. 4, II, 5), and it was not forbidden to pick up a previously reported problem, which one Team did. Finalists had secured their Silver Medals, but all three Finalists eventually earned V=1 and won Gold Medals (Ch. 5, I, 2.) This Table summarizes only the decisive grading parameters, and the detailed results of the competition can be found here.

Announcement of the Finalists

In the video filmed by Mate Sharvadze on June 24, 2015 at ca. 14h00 CET, Ilya Martchenko is seen saying, "[I am] happy to announce that the absolute winner in the Room A is the Team Croatia; that the absolute winner in the Room B is Team Georgia; and then, finally, we have only one team which also has V=1, and this is the Team of China. Unfortunately, Team of Belarus and Teams Serbia-1 and Serbia-2 have Bronze Medals. [...] This is not all because right now we need to have the updates from the Team Captains of these [three Finalist teams on the problems they would like to report in the Final Science Fight]."


Belarus-Spectrum: Antony Kolb (captain), Maryia Valoshyna, Fiona Kukharenka, Gleb Penyazkov, Vladimir Paliakov, Kiryl Mikhailovich, Oscar Rabinovich (leader), Alena Kastenka (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Bulgaria: Martin Polomski (captain), Vladimira Irincheva, Marko Ivanov, Martin Nikolov, Enrico Goranov, Lili Komova, Mladen Matev (leader), Maria Geneva (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
China: Wang Yuhao (captain), Zeng Xiangjian, Cai Kangjia, Zheng Luxiao, Shi RuiKang, Zhu Yihang, Wang Sihui (leader), Zhang Yujuan (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Croatia: Tibor Basletić Požar (captain), Luka Bulić Bračulj, Matija Martinčić, Klara Stojčević, Fran Žužić, Danko Marušić (leader), Lucija Papa (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Georgia-Georgians: Gvantsa Tsutskhashvili (captain), Toma Rtveliashvili, Diana Sokhashvili, Giga Khizanishvili, Nino Kimadze, Mate Sharvadze, Guram Mikaberidze (leader), Nika Sabashvili (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Russia-MG 12: Viktoriia Glazkova (captain), Alina Alkova, Mark Tsioma, Arina Kim, Vladimir Fisiura, Daria Petukhova, Elena Chernova (leader), Natalia Vasyova (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Russia-Voronezh-1: Aleksei Krasikov (captain), Maxim Morgachev, Fedor Patruev, Evgeniya Elfimova, Nadezhda Dmitrienko, Anna Patritskaia, Dmitry Zhukalin (leader), Nataliya Lepeshkina (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Russia-Voronezh-2: Makar Utochkin (captain), Visha Zakhra Nakvi Saida, Daria Ananeva, Lev Sidelev, Daria Stekolnikova, Danil Kozlov, Tatiana Besedina (leader), Svetlana Derevyagina (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Serbia-1: Luka Jevtović (captain), Anja Kovačević, Nikolina Marković, Teodora Ristoski, Milica Conić, Tara Čolić, Nikola Srzentić (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
Serbia-2: Olgica Maksimović (captain), Una Janković, Aleksandar Ristivojević, Stefan Huber, Dean Polimac, Dimitrije Rajčić, Aleksandra Dimić (leader)
Team photo: [jpg]
International independent jurors: Milen Kadiyski (chair), Andrei Klishin (chair), Ilya Martchenko (chair), Aleksandra Suvorova (chair), Kirill Volosnikov (chair), Yury Kartynnik, Andrey Kravtsov, Viktor Nechaev, Ivan Reznikov, Evgeny Yunosov
Local independent jurors: Jelena Vračević Bojadžievski, Dušan Dimić, Dragutin Jovković, Dušan Radovanović, Vesna Vasić
Team leaders in the jury: Aleksandra Dimić (chair), Mladen Matev (chair), Guram Mikaberidze (chair), Oscar Rabinovich (chair), Dmitry Zhukalin (chair), Tatiana Besedina, Elena Chernova, Alena Kastenka, Danko Marušić, Lucija Papa, Nika Sabashvili, Wang Sihui
IYNT execution task force: Evgeny Yunosov (organizer), Ilya Martchenko (competition execution), Andrei Klishin (administration), Hieorhi Liaśnieŭski (scoring commission), Andrey Kravtsov (procedure, SF 4 working group)
Local Organizing Committee: Nikola Srzentić (chairman), Bojana Banović, Aleksandra Dimić, Tamara Šekularac, Milan Tepić
LOC volunteers: Milan Cupać, Natalija Đokić, Sanjin Gerović, Nevena Janković, Tamara Janković, Vanja Janković, Dejan Kovač, Jovan Mitić, Kristina Pantelić, Marko Slijepčević, Aleksa Spasić, Irena Stolić, Nataša Stolić, Nikola Tepić, Anika Vučićević
Science Fight Attendants: Milan Cupać, Sanjin Gerović, Nevena Janković, Vanja Janković, Marko Slijepčević, Aleksa Spasić, Anika Vučićević, Andrey Kravtsov (Final Science Fight)


Update 2015/06/21: The results of the IYNT 2015 are updated at real time at this page.

Update 2015/06/17: The original statements of problems Invent Yourself for the Science Fight 3 are posted online.

Update 2015/06/15: Official booklet for the 3rd IYNT 2015 is posted and went to press. The final *.pdf file can be downloaded here.

Update 2015/06/08: The regular pre-registration of teams was open between August 25, 2014 and April 15, 2015. By June 8, 2015, 10 teams from 7 different countries are expected to participate at the 3rd IYNT 2015.

Update 2015/04/04: We remind all pre-registered teams and potential entrants that the fee payment deadline is set to April 15, 2015 by the LOC. The deadline to decide on the composition of teams is set to May 15, 2015. Teams requiring a Serbian visa are recommended to begin the visa application process early enough.

Update 2015/02/25: Amended Regulations of the IYNT are approved and adopted. A scan of signed Regulations and the original official PDF are available for download.

Update 2015/02/11: By this date, 21 teams from 18 different countries have pre-registered for the 3rd IYNT 2015. To put these figures into context, the 1st IYNT 2013 and the 2nd IYNT 2014 taken together have attracted a total of 21 teams from 12 different countries. As we celebrate this important milestone, please spread the word about the 3rd IYNT to widen the participation further.

Update 2014/11/07: The dates of the 3rd International Young Naturalists' Tournament are June 19—25, 2015. All teams can depart after the closing ceremony in the morning of June 25. If needed, nearly three full days are available to transfer to Thailand to the 28th IYPT 2015.

Update 2014/09/07: The 3rd International Young Naturalists' Tournament will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. As opposed to the earlier notice of Tehran as the host city for 2015, the IYNT General Council resolved to switch the host for the year 2015. Reduction in travel expenses will significantly widen participation in 2015 and foster the IYNT engagement over the long term.

Update 2014/08/26: Just at the very end of the Closing Ceremony of the 2nd IYNT 2014, the General Council opened a sealed envelope containing the Problems for the 3rd IYNT 2015. We wish all our teams a successful and entertaining preparation.

Coverage and media

  • Международный турнир юных естествоиспытателей – Первый шаг школьников к научному творчеству (gym50.by, 26 Август 2015) [html]
  • Georgians – IYNT 2015 (Giga Khizanishvili, 20.07.2015) [html] [html] [html] [html]
  • Kad porastem biću… Luka Jevtović (pokazivac.com, 18/07/2015) [html]
  • Турнирный сезон 2014-2015 учебного года успешно закрыт (vsu.ru, 13.07.2015) [html] [html]
  • Анастасия Лунева. Верхнемамонский школьник вернулся с международного научного турнира (riavrn.ru, 9 Июля 2015) [html]
  • Участие делегации Новосибирской области в III Международном турнире Юных Естествоиспытателей (nrc-rodnik.ru, 9 Июля 2015) [html]
  • Hrvatski učenici osvojili zlato na Međunarodnom turniru mladih prirodoslovaca (limun.hr, 8.7.2015) [html]
  • Делегация Новосибирской области успешно выступила на III Международном турнире Юных Естествоиспытателей (minobr.nso.ru, 7 июля 2015) [html]
  • Елена Костенко. Турнир юных естествоиспытателей // Навука, №27 (2547), 06.07.2015, стр. 3 [pdf]
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  • Zlatna medalja sa Međunarodnog turnira mladih prirodoslovaca (icm.hr, 01.07.2015) [html] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg] [jpg]
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  • Gold medal at “International Youth Naturalists Tournament” (komarovi.edu.ge, 27th june, 2015) [html]
  • ოქროს მედალი „ახალგაზრდა ნატურალისტთა ტურნირზე“ (komarovi.edu.ge, 27 Jun, 2015) [html]
  • ქართველმა მოსწავლეებმა "ახალგაზრდა ნატურალისტთა ტურნირზე" გაიმარჯვეს (goodnews.on.ge, 27 ივნისი, 2015) [html]
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  • Gold Medal (Toma Rtveliashvili, June 25, 2015) [html]
  • Announcement of Finalists (Mathe Sharvadze, 24 June 2015) [html] [html] [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "IYNT 2016" (23 Jun 2015) [html]
  • IYNT 2015 Photo Album (Gvantsa Tsutskhashvili, 23 June 2015) [html]
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  • Съёмки III Всероссийского ТЮЕ в Орлёнке (Дмитрий Иус, 05.05.2015) [html]
  • Кампания „Рицари на знанието“ на Фондация „Работилница за граждански инициативи“ (dmsbg.com, 28.04.2015) [html]
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  • Милена Дойчева. „Мечтая да не просим пари за децата, които носят медали на България“ (nauka.offnews.bg, 27 април 2015) [html]
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  • Državni turnir mladih prirodoslovaca (Istraživački Centar Mladih, March 29, 2015) [html] [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "Draft slides for the 3rd IYNT 2015 jury briefing by Ilya Martchenko http://iynt.org/belgrade/draft_martchenko_iynt_2015_jury_briefing.pdf … cc @alekss_dimic @AlexMamoiko @Akyildiz_Deniz" (26 Mar 2015) [html]
  • Фото Дунаєвецька СЮН 2015 (2015) [html]
  • Д.В. Буняк та М.М. viva UA і ТЮН 2015 (dunsyn.blogspot.com, 23 березня 2015 р.) [html]
  • ІІ Всеукраїнський турнір юних натуралістів (nenc.gov.ua, Березень 21st, 2015) [html]
  • Introduction of team Odessa at the national Ukrainian selection for the IYNT 2015 in Belgrade (Mar 21, 2015) [html] [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "3rd IYNT 2015 has received 31 pre-registrations from 21 countries one month ahead of the deadline http://iynt.org/belgrade Sign up too!" (18 Mar 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "Congrats to the 3rd IYNT 2015 for receiving pre-regs from 31 teams of 21 different countries! http://iynt.org/belgrade cc @alekss_dimic" (5 Mar 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "As of today, 27 teams from 21 countries have pre-registered for the 3rd IYNT 2015 cc @dima_agarkov @alekss_dimic @KallyDalton @Gate2Narnia" (23 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "On July 24, 2012, we handed out our first IYNT flyers http://iynt.org/founder/iynt_original_flyer_2012.pdf … cc @dima_agarkov @alekss_dimic @KallyDalton @AlexMamoiko" (20 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "As of today, 26 teams from 20 different countries have expressed their intent to participate at the 3rd IYNT 2015." (17 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "It's impressive to see @Gate2Narnia @dima_agarkov @AlexMamoiko on a cover photo in http://iynt.org/center/ cc @alekss_dimic @KallyDalton" (13 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "21 teams have so far pre-registered for the 3rd IYNT 2015! http://iynt.org/belgrade RT if you think that your country should join & compete!" (11 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "This would seem as a good piece of writing on the IYPT Founder Evgeny Yunosov & his distinguished life & career http://iynt.org/founder/ " (11 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "19 teams have so far pre-registered for the 3rd IYNT 2015! http://iynt.org/belgrade RT if you think that your country should join too!" (6 Feb 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "Pre-registration for the IYPT 2015 in Thailand closes on January 31. Pre-registration for the IYNT 2015 in Serbia is still open! Sign up!" (31 Jan 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "This video taken at the 2nd IYNT in Kyustendil gives a general glimpse of what an IYPT or an IYNT looks like http://youtu.be/gLq4a0MKJrA " (12 Jan 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "Hi, Pro Evolution! Can we archive your IYNT slides please: Mag Arrows by @endersahin_ & Handkerchief by @mberkturgut? Thx cc @Akyildiz_Deniz" (3 Apr 2015) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "How do we measure distances in space? RT if u think this IYNT 2015 task is fascinating! http://youtu.be/Op3AYaJc0Xw cc @dima_agarkov @Polly1319" (3 Nov 2014) [html]
  • @iypt: "@kingimade @giftedinscience We're worried by this situtaion http://iynt.org/belgrade/iynt_2015_nigeria_suspension_letter.pdf … and would be delighted if it is resolved cc @dima_agarkov" (2 Nov 2014) [html]
  • @iypt: "What is the coolest IYNT 2015 problem in your opinion? http://iynt.org/IYNT_Problems_2015.pdf … / @KallyDalton @AlexMamoiko @alekss_dimic @ikorzhik @Polly1319" (19 Sep 2014) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "Nós convidamos a equipe do Brasil para participar do IYNT" (8 Sep 2014) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: "@tomas_kulich IYNT 2015 pozýva všetkých fanúšikov turnaja do Belehradu http://iynt.org/belgrade/ ! Pre-registration open, bring a Slovak team!" (8 Sep 2014) [html]
  • @dima_agarkov: "Our new page about IYNT 2015 in Belgrade: http://iynt.org/belgrade/ And of course don't miss pre-registraton: http://iynt.org/contact/ " (8 Sep 2014) [html]
  • @iyptarchive: Scanning a name tag (12 Aug 2014) [html]
  • Положення про Всеукраїнський турнір юних натуралістів (nenc.gov.ua) [pdf] [html]


Andrei Klishin
Chairman of the IYNT Situation Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Responsibilities: pre-registration, guidance, monitoring, data management
+1 857 334 8737 (EST, UTC-5h00)
Nikola Srzentić
Chairman of the LOC 2015
Regional Center for Talented Youth Belgrade II
Responsibilities: hosting, facilities, accommodation, visa support, local media
+381 112 431 313 (CET, UTC+2h00)

Local logo

The local logo of the 3rd IYNT 2015 is posted as vector and hi-res bitmap files. All teams are asked to use the logo in their slides.

  • Full color logo with text [png]
  • Line art emblem without text as vector [svg] [pdf]
  • Line art emblem without text as hi-res bitmap [gif]
  • Color round emblem without text as hi-res bitmap [png]

What makes the IYNT special?

In 2014, we asked our supporter Andrei Klishin, MIT, about the reasons that attracted him to the IYNT. Andrei formulated his opinion as follows,

"The modern world depends on science and technology; not merely on their existence, but on their never ceasing advancement. This requires ever growing rows of inventive thinkers and qualified specialists, customarily produced by universities around the globe. The IYNT and IYPT defy this conservative approach and claim that it is never too early to start. Reaching results in modern world requires accurate, diligent and efficient work, concise and contentful discussions and mutually enhancing collaborations. This is not solely the realm of adult scientists. We in the Tournaments movement believe that the principles of professional work can be acquired in much earlier age and that they do not necessarily require attending formal lectures and classes. We give the labor of learning into the hands of the middle and high school students, because that is exactly what the adult world would want from them."

Russia-MG 12 speaks on 1st, 3rd IYNT

Introduction of Russia-Voronezh-1

Mladen Matev speaks on the IYNT

Glimpse: Tibor Basletić Požar, Semi-Finals, Group A

Proceedings of the Science Fights

This section brings together the overview of each Science Fight, slides presented by the Teams, as well as scanned Individual Juror's Protocols and Science Fight Attendant's Protocols. The detailed results and overview of accepted and rejected problems, penalties, and rankings after each SF is available here.

SF 1, Group A (2015/06/20) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 4 "Sunset" (Reporter Russia-MG 12, Alina Alkova) [pdf] [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 12 "Structure of a hair" (Reporter China, Cai Kangjia) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 6 "Disappearing ink" (Reporter Serbia-2, Stefan Huber) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ppt]

SF 1, Group B (2015/06/20) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 14 "Galton box" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-2, Makar Utochkin)
Stage II: No. 4 "Sunset" (Reporter Serbia-1, Teodora Ristoski) [pdf] [pptx]

SF 1, Group C (2015/06/20) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 15 "Fly" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-1, Fedor Patruev) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 11 "Puzzle in a beaker" (Reporter Croatia, Fran Žužić) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 12 "Structure of a hair" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Toma Rtveliashvili) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]

SF 1, Group D (2015/06/20) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 4 "Sunset" (Reporter Bulgaria, Vladimira Irincheva)
Stage II: No. 7 "Pancakes" (Reporter Belarus-Spectrum, Kiryl Mikhailovich) [pdf] [pptx]

SF 2, Group A (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 6 "Disappearing ink" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Nino Kimadze) [pdf] [ppt]
Stage II: No. 13 "Shining orbs" (Reporter Bulgaria, Martin Nikolov) [pdf] [pptx]

SF 2, Group B (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 11 "Puzzle in a beaker" (Reporter Belarus-Spectrum, Maryia Valoshyna) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 9 "Distances in open space" (Reporter China, Zhu Yihang) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 14 "Galton box" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-1, Aleksei Krasikov) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [ppt]

SF 2, Group C (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 9 "Distances in open space" (Reporter Serbia-2, Aleksandar Ristivojević) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 8 "Library" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-2, Danil Kozlov) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]

SF 2, Group D (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 6 "Disappearing ink" (Reporter Serbia-1, Nikolina Marković) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx] [pdf]
Stage II: No. 10 "Ice hole" (Reporter Croatia, Klara Stojčević) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf]
Stage III: No. 17 "Starch monsters" (Reporter Russia-MG 12, Mark Tsioma) [pdf] [pdf] [pptx]

SF 3, Group A (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 1 "Invent yourself: Physics" (Reporter Croatia, Tibor Basletić Požar) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 2 "Invent yourself: Biology" (Reporter Belarus-Spectrum, Fiona Kukharenka) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]

SF 3, Group B (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 3 "Invent yourself: Chemistry" (Reporter Bulgaria, Martin Polomski) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 1 "Invent yourself: Physics" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-1, Evgeniya Elfimova) [pdf] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 2 "Invent yourself: Biology" (Reporter Serbia-2, Olgica Maksimović) [pdf] [pptx]

SF 3, Group C (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 1 "Invent yourself: Physics" (Reporter China, Shi RuiKang) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 3 "Invent yourself: Chemistry" (Reporter Serbia-1, Anja Kovačević) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [ppt]

SF 3, Group D (2015/06/21) [pdf]
Stage I: No. 2 "Invent yourself: Biology" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-2, Daria Ananeva) [pdf]
Stage II: No. 2 "Invent yourself: Biology" (Reporter Russia-MG 12, Arina Kim) [pdf] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 3 "Invent yourself: Chemistry" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Gvantsa Tsutskhashvili) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf]

SF 4, Group A (2015/06/22) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: China, 2 points; Russia-Voronezh-2, 1 point; Bulgaria, 1 point
Stage I: No. 26 "Bitmap" (Reporter Bulgaria, Enrico Goranov) [pdf] [ppt]
Stage II: No. 24 "Chemistry" (Reporter China, Zeng Xiangjian) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 22 "Pouring water out" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-2, Daria Stekolnikova) [pdf] [ppt]

SF 4, Group B (2015/06/22) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: Croatia, 2 points; Russia-Voronezh-1, 1 point
Stage I: No. 22 "Pouring water out" (Reporter Russia-Voronezh-1, Nadezhda Dmitrienko) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 24 "Chemistry" (Reporter Croatia, Matija Martinčić) [pdf] [pptx]

SF 4, Group C (2015/06/22) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: Serbia-1, 2 points; Russia-MG 12, 0 points; Serbia-2, 0 points
Stage I: No. 22 "Pouring water out" (Reporter Serbia-1, Luka Jevtović) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 21 "Horizontal level" (Reporter Serbia-2, Dean Polimac) [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 26 "Bitmap" (Reporter Russia-MG 12, Daria Petukhova) [pdf] [pdf] [pptx]

SF 4, Group D (2015/06/22) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: Belarus-Spectrum, 2 points; Georgia-Georgians, 1 point
Stage I: No. 23 "Granulated Sugar" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Mate Sharvadze)
Stage II: No. 22 "Pouring water out" (Reporter Belarus-Spectrum, Antony Kolb) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]

Semi-Final SF, Group A (2015/06/24) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: Belarus-Spectrum, 2 points; China, 1 point; Croatia, 1 point
Stage I: No. 6 "Disappearing ink" (Reporter China, Zheng Luxiao) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 5 "Falling ball" (Reporter Belarus-Spectrum, Gleb Penyazkov) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 8 "Library" (Reporter Croatia, Tibor Basletić Požar) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [ppt]

Semi-Final SF, Group B (2015/06/24) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: Serbia-2, 3 points; Georgia-Georgians, 3 points; Serbia-1, 2 points; tie broken by Problem 6 with Serbia-2 winning
Stage I: No. 13 "Shining orbs" (Reporter Serbia-1, Milica Conić) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage II: No. 7 "Pancakes" (Reporter Serbia-2, Una Janković) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 9 "Distances in open space" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Giga Khinzanishvili) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]

Final SF (2015/06/24) [pdf] [pdf]
Captain's Contest: China, 3 points; Georgia-Georgians, 2 points; Croatia, 2 points
Stage I: No. 13 "Shining orbs" (Reporter Georgia-Georgians, Mate Sharvadze) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [ppt]
Stage II: No. 11 "Puzzle in a beaker" (Reporter Croatia, Matija Martinčić) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [pptx]
Stage III: No. 5 "Falling ball" (Reporter China, Wang Yuhao) [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx] [pdf] [pptx]